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Access multiple insurance companies, their products and tools to provide end-to-end insurance experience to your customers on your platform.

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API for Claims

Improve and automate your claim submission, tracking, and resolution processes for easy and quick use.

APIs for Policy

Create and manage insurance policies efficiently including simple tools to modify policy details

API for Renewals

Smoothen policy renewals with automated reminders to ensure users have continuous coverage.

Ease of Integration

With clear documentation and a user-friendly design, integrate our API seamlessly.

The All-in-One API in Action

Unlock the potential of your insurance solution with our open insurance API


import mycoverai from "@mycoverai/mca-javascript-sdk"

const config = {

publicKey: 'MCAPUBK_TEST|1acf339a-d36f-47e7-8e1b-fd0b76b61b0c',

productId: ['e6b4bca1-b870-4648-8704-11c1802a51d0'];


// create a function that starts up the SDK

const purchase = () => mycoverai(config)


Do Insurtech Your Way

Launch your own Insurtech with our API. Build your vision for insurance.

Full White Label

Refine your insurance offerings seamlessly with our Full White Label solution, giving you complete control over aesthetics for a cohesive brand identity.

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Launch faster with our SDK

Get insurance ready to run on your platform with our SDK within a few seconds through a single line of code.

iphone 15 pro max

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Here are Answers Related to API and SDK

What is the Insurance Software API?’s API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of protocols and tools that allows us to integrate our insurance functionalities into your applications, websites, or systems.

What is the SDK and how is it different from the API?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. While an API provides the protocols and tools for integration, an SDK is a package that includes pre-written code, libraries, and tools to help developers implement the API more easily in specific programming languages.

Which programming languages are supported by the SDK?

Our SDKs are available for popular programming languages such as Vue JS and JavaScript. Check our policy document here(link document) for the complete list.

Is there a limit to the number of API calls I can make?

There is no limit to the number of API calls you can make.

How secure is the Insurance Software API?

Security is our top priority. Our API HTTPS protocol to ensure your data is protected. We also undergo regular security audits.

Can I test the API & SDK before going live?

Absolutely! We offer an API test secret key to let you test the API before you purchase and the SDK has a test environment.

What kind of support is available for API & SDK users?

We offer dedicated support for our API & SDK users. You can reach out to our technical support team via email, chat, or our community forum.

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