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Fraud-free Inspections

Verify vehicles and auto claims in a flash!

Your customers can seamlessly conduct inspections on their vehicle virtually with our AI-powered tools.

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Precision meets efficiency

Pre-loss inspection

Protect the insurer and the insured. Record a vehicle’s initial condition to ensure accurate future claims.

Post-loss inspection

Use pre-loss data to promptly analyse damage and assist insurers in streamlining the claims evaluation process.

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Ensure prompt completion, avoid tampering, and maintain data relevance and integrity with our AI-powered inspection tool.

Damage assessment

With our AI tool, you can detect damages, simplify evaluations, and assure an unbiased, efficient claim procedure for all parties.

Seamless inspection with AI

Experience next-gen insurance inspection with AI through our API or from your dashboard.

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Inspect claims for auto insurance virtually

Provide a virtual inspection when a customer’s car is damaged. This post-loss assessment is then compared to the pre-loss inspection to ensure the validity of their claim.

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How to carry out inspections


Integrate our API or SDKs

Integrate our inspection APIs and solutions into your platform. This should be accessible to your customers on your platform.


Inspect in real time

Your customers conducts a live inspection using our SDK or mobile app to ensure prompt and accurate evaluations.


Get feedback

Following the completion of their examination and submission of photographs, they will receive expert evaluation with clear and actionable insights to assist you and them.


Here are Answers Related to Fraud Free Inspection

How does ensure fraud-free inspections?

We ensure fraud-free inspections through a combination of AI-driven tools, data analytics, and stringent verification processes.

What kinds of inspections can perform? can do a variety of inspections, including vehicle inspections, image capturing, and document verification. To reduce the danger of fraud, our platform verifies the accuracy of the information presented during these inspections.

How does verify documents in inspections?

We use document recognition technology to authenticate documents, checking for key information, security features, and legitimacy indicators. Additionally, robust data analytics cross-reference information with external databases for accuracy assurance.

Can users rely on inspections for accuracy?

Certainly. is dedicated to offering accurate and trustworthy inspections. The combination of advanced artificial intelligence and strict checks assures that the information obtained is reliable and free of fraudulent activity.

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