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Offer insurance with our plug-and-play solution.

Use our low-code integration to embed insurance into your products in minutes without the technical hassles.

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Launch insurance quicker, not in months.

Distribute insurance easily

Provide insurance effectively and without complications with our platform designed for fast-paced startups and businesses..

Access tailored insurance products

Discover our insurance offerings, choose what fits your business and offer varied options to customers.

Customer support

Our dedicated support team ensures 24/7 assistance for you and your customers.

Seamless claims management

Handle claims effortlessly through our user-friendly platform and automated systems, ensuring quick resolutions.

The most seamless way to offer insurance on your platform.

Enable insurance features on your web and mobile platforms by yourself, without any technical expertise.


3 Steps To Get Your Product Link


Create free account

Set up an account with us and unlock tailored insurance solutions for your needs.


Complete KYC

Complete the KYC process for a secure, personalized experience, building trust and ensuring smooth transactions.


Generate a Product Link

Select your preferred insurance product, create a product link, and earn revenue for every policy sold through it.


Here are Answers Related to Low Code Tool

What is a low-code insurance feature? low-code insurance tool is a platform that allows you to sell insurance products with no coding. It provides pre-built modules and drag-and-drop features to simplify the process of setting up and managing insurance sales.

How do I set up the Low-code tool?

To get started, create your account, choose the insurance products you want to sell, and generate the insurance link for the product. No technical expertise is required!

Can I customize the insurance products I offer?

No, you can’t customize the insurance products and prices you use with this tool.

How do I handle customer queries and claims?

You can monitor the process through the Automated Claims Management dashboard.

Is the platform secure?

Absolutely! Our API uses the HTTPS protocol to protect your data. Additionally, we often have security audits.

How do I track my sales and commissions?

Our dashboard provides real-time insights into your sales, commissions, and policy statistics. You can also export all reports from the dashboard to a csv file.

Can I integrate the tool with my existing website or app?

Yes, our low-code insurance tool is designed to be easily integrated with existing websites and apps.

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